One recent example of how racialized bodies are abused happened recently. At the New Chaucer Society Conference, I spent a portion of my conference tweeting one night at #NCS14 in a “twitter rant” or “PSA.” In it, I related the incident of another junior colleague who had an incident happen to her at one of the NCS cocktail hours. In it, a cisgendered, male, able-bodied, and white junior colleague decided to articulate vocally his surprise that she, a WOC (woman of color) medievalist, had such a “good job.”

Likewise, he also proceeded to school her in how she should be a medievalist by suggesting that she should teach “ethnic fantasy literature” to undergraduate students. My colleague replied, I have neither expertise in ethnic literature nor in fantasy fiction. However, even this clear response did not seem to stop this male white medievalist from explaining her place in the academic world. And her place is apparently not one of authority in medieval studies—where she has completed a Ph.D., written peer-reviewed articles, and obtained an academic job—entirely because her body is non-normative.

Intersectional racism/sexism means that my colleague’s non-normative body will always have questions and “advice” like this lobbed at her (and yes, also lobbed at me). Likewise, no one will ever ask or “advise” this white, male, cisgendered, able-bodied white junior faculty member to teach ethnic fantasy literature or wonder surprisingly or loudly about the fact that he has obtained a tenure-track job in medieval studies. This is a classic example of white, male privilege. And yes, his comments to my WOC colleague are a form of racism (racial/gendered microaggressions). The structures within academia and our field have imagined authority as white, male, upper-middle class, and cisgendered. Divergence from this standard operating body is imagined as a disturbance.

Dorothy Kim, Divergent Bodies and Medieval Studies, for (via medievalpoc)

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does this make sense. i dont care.      i   need   this


of course, since it’s sam’s job to keep steve musically educated, he gives steve a lesson in beyonce. he even pulls a few moves from the single ladies dance—just for example. steve laughs until his face goes purple. sam grumbles that the black leotard makes the performance. steve laughs even harder.


I don’t know if i’m more excited for Sam Wilson being Cap or for Anthony Mackie being Cap - both of them are basically a dream come true!

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baby its YOU

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sometimes im fine but other times i remember those tweets i wrote a while back about sam/steve during the first anniversary of riley’s death that they’re together

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I miss cuddling.

Me too


i said the word “queer” in art class and a girl screamed because the head of the gay club said it was a bad word

the head of the gay club is straight

i am queer


Why is the head of the gay club straight wtf??

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